Gaema Gioielli was born in 2004 in Campobasso founded by Angelo Miniello and Marinella Tamburro as a specialized goldsmith company

in the creation of exclusive personalized jewels.

The production of jewels is taken care of in all its most important aspects, from the very high quality of the craftsmanship to the 3D design study to rapid prototyping, giving the utmost importance to both tradition and innovation.

The design office is a dynamic and innovative environment where the customer can also give vent to his imagination and design

together with our designer the jewel of your dreams.

The jewels thus tell a constantly evolving story, which distinguishes them for their unmistakable uniqueness and stylistic identity.

The production is entirely Made in Italy and despite modern techniques and innovative tools, most of the work is still done by hand by specialized goldsmiths, connoisseurs and interpreters of the exclusive style that distinguishes the company.

The undisputed quality of GAEMA jewels is achieved through a rigorous selection of the best raw materials where the procurement takes place strictly from non-conflict countries and a rigorous verification and control procedure of the production chain and uses only qualified Italian labour.

The ever-growing company, in recent years has seen itself as the protagonist of numerous planning and design assignments also by international companies.

In 2017 at the JCK fair in Las Vegas, Gaema Gioielli received the "Excellence in design" award

in the competition organized by JeweryThis and Solidscape.


ANGELO Owner/Designer

Angelo Miniello Owner, since I was a child I grew up in the family jewelery and looking at the jewels I started drawing my own in pencil, so after completing my high school studies, I decided to enroll in the "Le Nouvelle Renascenze" academy of goldsmith arts in Rome where I graduated Goldsmith and Silversmith, but my passion was high jewelery so I moved to Vicenza where I attended the "Callegari" institute graduating as a Setter, but while attending school in the evening in the morning I worked first at goldsmith workshops and then in prestigious setting workshops, where I had the opportunity to set high-quality jewels, this allowed me to gain a great deal of experience in the jewelery sector.

In 2001 I met my current wife Marinella and together we decided to open a small goldsmith's workshop in our hometown and so in 2004 GAEMA gioielli was born (acronym of Gioielli Angelo E MArinella).

Over the years we have always tried to innovate and in 2009 I specialized in 3D jewel design, this to give our customers the opportunity to experience a unique jewel.

Today I design and create jewels for clients from all over the world and this has given us the opportunity to grow professionally and culturally.

In addition to unique jewels, we have also created a line of 18kt gold jewels and a Fashion line of 925 silver jewels by GAEMA.

As Production Manager, I oversee all aspects of the business from manufacturing, design and crafting… but my love and passion is designing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces with my customers.

I love having the opportunity to get to know my clients personally and understand their style and desires in order to create the jewel of their dreams.

They often ask me where I draw inspiration....

When I design my jewels I imagine a strong woman who wants to stand out and be recognized. She far from constraints and stereotypes, always in tune with the spirit of the time, with her way of living and elaborating reality.

Our goal is to restore the now lost uniqueness, because valuable things are rare and unique, just like us.

MARINELLA Owner/Marketing Director

Marinella Tamburro Owner, I was born into a family of entrepreneurs in the construction sector, since I was a child I followed my father on construction sites, in offices and in banks, and that world made me dream and set myself a single goal to become a manager and have my own activities.

Over the years I have studied and graduated in Business Administration as well as having specialized in IT.

My greatest passions are fashion, fashion and jewels and when I met my current husband Angelo in 2001 and together we opened our small business GAEMA jewels, I crowned my passion with my entrepreneurial dream.

Today, after various specializations in Marketing, digital marketing and digital export magment, I follow the strategic management of the business across the board as well as being the point of reference for the communication of our foreign customers.

Our mission is to make people unique in their way of doing, in dressing and in the objects to wear. Because true luxury is in rare and unique things.


Our Made in Italy where ideas, matter and work take shape through skilled hands and expert craftsmen, was born in Molise in Campobasso in the capital of this uncontaminated region and all to be discovered just like our jewels.


The infinite charm of luxury expressed in design innovation is a link between an idea and its realisation, between creativity and excellence, between style and craftsmanship.

Bond that opens the way to unexplored territories, in a constant search for the idea of beauty.

Wearing a GAEMA jewel is a journey through the sixth sense.

Each jewel is designed to be lived, felt, touched, breathed, savored and then worn.